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Although it is advisable to read all the documentation to take full advantage of all the features of Evalart, this introduction allows you to start with the use of the tool in a few minutes.

When you want to start a selection process, the first step is to create the “Process” in the system and once it is created you select the “Questionnaires” to be used in the created process. The Questionnaires are the tests, evaluations, etc. which can be used to evaluate the candidates.

Added to the process are the “People” (Candidates) who will receive the questionnaires to be answered. Once the questionnaires and people have been added to the process, it is possible to automatically send an email to the candidates where they are invited to participate in the process, indicating the links to the questionnaires that must be answered.

Finally, once the questionnaires have been answered by the candidates, it is possible to see the reports with the results.