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Find The Best

Evalart's on-line evaluations can pre-filter candidates, identify the best candidates, and significantly reduce the number of candidates who require an interview (online assessments allow you to filter out up to 80% of applicants, so you can focus on the best 20%).

Save Time

With Evalart, you can optimize your selection process and save the interviewer's valuable time. You can discard up to 80% of applicants and focus only on the most promising ones. In addition, the process of sending, scoring, and recording the evaluations is completely automatic, which also saves a lot of time.

Assess What You Want

Evaluate the characteristics required for the position using the questionnaire libraries or by creating your own assessments: Intelligence, verbal aptitude, knowledge, programming skills ... whatever you need to measure, you can do it with Evalart.

Follow-up And Records

At any time you can view the status of all your evaluation processes. How many people have responded, who has the best score... all the information you need is only a click away. The information is automatically stored in Evalart, so you can search for candidates from previous processes for your new processes even years later.



Evalart includes a large number of tests that can be used in your selection processes. These libraries include programming tests, aptitude tests, knowledge tests, and psychometric tests. The library is constantly updated and expanded.


Evalart provides programming tests where candidates must write a program in pseudo-code or in a language such as Java or Python. Evalart automatically evaluates the code, validates the results, and delivers a detailed report, which allows you to make the best decision and hire the most skilled programmer.


Evalart allows you to use (and also build) various types of questionnaires. Everything from practical programming questions, to intelligence and knowledge tests, and even to psychometric exams such as DISC tests.


Evalart allows programming tests where candidates must write a program in pseudo-code or in a language such as Java or Python. The code is automatically evaluated by Evalart, validating the results and delivering a detailed report that allows you to make the best decision and hire the most skilled programmer.


Evalart has a powerful Questionnaire Builder that lets you create new versions of existing questionnaires or even create new ones completely from scratch, which allows you to customize Evalart to fit your specific needs.


The Evalart questionnaires produce detailed reports of the results obtained by each applicant. These reports indicate the score obtained (total and/or by category), the applicant's classification according to their results (for example "Advanced Java Programmer"), and also include bar graphs for easy visualization as well as details for each question.


Evalart has a sophisticated fraud detection system that can identify if the candidate has committed any kind of illegal action during the test.


The admin user interface, as well as the questionnaire interface used by candidates, supports multiple languages (currently English and Spanish). Questionnaires and questions can also be found in these two languages.


Evalart is highly customizable. Questionnaires, emails, questions, reports ... all of these have multiple options and parameters that allow them to be customized according to the user's needs.

Detailed Reports

Each Evalart test, both psychometric and other types of tests, generate detailed reports that allow you to evaluate and pre-filter the candidates for your selection processes. These reports are configurable, so they can be adapted and customized to your needs. No more manually correcting and transcribing your selection tests, with Evalart it only takes a couple of clicks to send your tests and the results will be available in the system as the candidates answer the questionnaires.

Online Proctoring

Evalart allows you to optionally monitor candidates through their webcam. State or the art Artificial Intelligence analyses the pictures and warns you of any suspicious activity, like a different person taking the test or more than one person on screen.


Evalart provides an API that allows you to connect your applications with Evalart to take tests, retrieve results and more. API documentation, online support and a testing environment are available to help you with your integration.