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Privacy Policy

By using the website, either as a user that uses the Evalart services to evaluate candidates (Client) or as a person who answers the questionnaires (Candidate), you accept the terms of privacy of the information presented below. By using Evalart’s free trial you are already considered a customer and the same terms and conditions apply.

Privacy Commitment

The information of the Evalart Clients (those who use Evalart services to evaluate candidates) will not be delivered or shared with third parties, except in the case in which Evalart uses the name of the company that has contracted them in advertising services where it indicates that the the company in question uses the services of Evalart. For users who answer Evalart questionnaires (Candidates), the information delivered and the results are accessible both to the company that sent the questionnaire and to Evalart.

Acceptance of Terms

Everyone who uses the website is aware of the treatment of their information, in the manner and for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy. Users Customers, Candidates and visitors should be aware that security measures on the Internet are not 100% safe. Therefore, the user is primarily responsible for adopting the necessary security measures to protect his credit card number and other personal information that he deems relevant.

Use of information requested from the client

When registering as an Evalart Client, you are asked for information such as your name, identification numbers, email, physical address, telephone number, among others. This information will be used to contact the client for matters related to their purchase or use of the service, such as requesting data for payment validation, contact related to product support, etc.

Also, by giving us your personal data the user authorizes Evalart to send all types of information related to Evalart offers and promotions.

Customers have the right to information, modification, cancellation or blocking of their personal data in accordance with Law No. 19.628 on protection of personal data. This right may be exercised by sending an email to

In the case of Candidates, the information provided is accessible both to Evalart and to the company that sends the questionnaire (Client). The Client can use this information according to their own policies, so if you as a candidate want to know what they are, you should contact the Client directly. Both the Client and Evalart may share their information, as well as the results of evaluations to third parties for evaluation purposes. If you do now want your information to be shared you must explicitly request it at

Information of minors

Any information that minors deliver to Evalart is the responsibility of the parents, guardians, or legal guardians. Evalart does not have nor will have any responsibility for personal data or information provided by minors.

About the information of candidates

All candidate users are considered Evalart users and, therefore, Evalart has the right to access this information and use it to contact them for any reason or to use their information in processes with other companies or clients. This is true even for cases where the candidate’s information was entered directly by the client. The objective of this clause is mainly to avoid any controversy when the same candidate is registered by multiple clients, so Clients must assume that any candidate admitted or registered by a questionnaire sent will always be a user of Evalart.


This website uses cookies. A cookie is a very small text file, which can be saved on the hard drive of a computer to store some kind of information about the client and that can only be read by the website that issued the cookie. Cookies are not executable files so they do not contain viruses. The cookies used do NOT collect personal data of users (names, surnames, address, bank details, or any other data of this type).

Using Google Analytics

Evalart uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help the website analyze how users use the website. If you would like more information about Google’s use of the data collected through cookies, please read Google’s privacy policy at You can reject the use of cookies and the use of data related to the site (including your IP address) of Google as well as prevent the processing of this data by Google through the download and installation of a plugin provided by Google.