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Save time by using video interviews where your candidates record their responses on video.

With Evalart's Pre-Recorded Video Interviews you can send questions to your candidates, who will respond by recording videos from the platform. You can review the videos and evaluate them at any time, without having to schedule meetings.

Save time and evaluate faster with Prerecorded Video Interviews!

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Save Time

Coordinating meetings with candidates, finding common times, setting aside times for interviews are all time-consuming activities. With pre-recorded video interviews you can quickly send a set of questions to all your candidates. They can record their responses on video at any time and you can later review them whenever you want. Ideal for pre-screening candidates before an online interview.

Complement with Tests

Evalart is a complete evaluation solution. Video interviews are an excellent complement to Evalart's online tests. Use Evalart Aptitude, Ability and Knowledge tests as a first filter and then the video interviews as a second filter.

Multiple Evaluators

You can define multiple evaluators for prerecorded video interviews for a more comprehensive evaluation. By having the same questions and the same evaluators for candidates, you achieve a fairer and more effective selection process.


How it Works

Evaluating candidates with Evalart is very simple. The entire process consists of only 4 steps: you choose the programming tests or others questionnaires that you want to use, a selection process is created to send the tests to the candidates, they answer the tests and the results are immediately visible in Evalart.


Define Questions

Send Questions to Candidates

Candidates Answer on Video

Review Videos

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The sample test allows you to see the characteristics of the online evaluations, as a candidate would see them. You can also see an example of a results report here: see results report.

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