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Evalart helps you test for:

Coding Skills

Hands on programming questions where actual coding tasks are given and automatically reviewed.

SQL And Database

Test for database knowledge, including questions that require writing actual SQL queries with results validated automatically.

Conocimientos de Programación

Questions design to test for practical or theoretical knowledge on various programming langues like Java, Python, PHP or SQL.

Coding Aptitude

Test for skills good developers need, like problem solving, patter recognition and logical thinking.

Technology Knowledge

Test for knowledge on different technolgies, frameworks and methodologies, like Linux, Scrum, TOGAF, Big Data, etc

Quality Assurance

Evaluate skills needed for software quality analysts, like finding issues, understanding requirements and orientation to details


Evalart is ideal for evaluating candidates for developer positions as it allows validating both knowledge and skills. A great advantage of Evalart is the ability to perform online tests where the candidate must write actual code for a specific problem (using Evalart’s pseudo-code TLang or a programming language like Java, Python, PHP, among others). Evalart analyzes the code entered and assigns a score based on how correct the results are, as well as how optimum the code is. This, combined with questions of logical and abstract reasoning, allows to predict with a high level of confidence the future performance of the candidate. With Evalart you can significantly reduce the time spent on contacting candidates, evaluating them, scoring evaluations and recording the results since everything is automatic and requires only a few clicks.

You will also find assessments or questions for other related profiles, such as QA Analyst, Software Architects or Project Managers.