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Evalart includes tests to measure various aspects of personality, allowing you to identify candidates that fit the profile of the position as well as the culture of your company. Inside the Evalart test library you will find DISC tests, the 5 Factors test, as well as other tests to measure aspects such as energy, responsibility, introversion/extroversion, creativity, etc.

Personality tests in general do not attempt to determine if a particular characteristic is good or bad, but rather provide a profile that allows you to know a little more about the candidate and see how his personality fits with the needs of the position, how he would diversify the team in terms of personality, and also how he would fit in with the company culture.

However, there are studies that identify certain personality characteristics as predictors of greater probabilities of better performance in certain areas, but you should always be certain about what these characteristics are based on the position sought.

Another good reason to use personality tests is to achieve diversity in terms of personality in your teams, as this is an important factor for balanced teams with great potential.

Always remember that psych technical tests are only a way to get to know a candidate and should not generally be used as the only means of evaluation. At Evalart we recommend first using aptitude and skills tests as a first filter, since these objectively allow you to reduce the number of candidates that will continue in the process. Psych technical tests can be included to complement subsequent interviews with the candidates with the greatest potential in order to find the ideal profile for the position.