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Evalart helps you test for:

General Inteligence

General intelligence is the combination of multiple cognitive abilities, such as recognizing patterns, problem solving, verbal ability, etc. (The classic IQ)

Verbal Aptitude

Verbal Aptitude is a person’s ability to interpret written or oral information, as well as to use language effectively to convey information.

Analitical Skills

Analytical Skills allow analyzing information, identifying the various concepts and their relationships, as well as underlying problems and possible solutions.

Numerical Skills

Numerical Skills are a person’s ability to effectively handle numbers, being able to solve problems that require mathematical operations.

Data Interpretation

The ability to interpret data allows you to correctly read and understand tables, graphs and other forms of information representation.


Aptitude tests measure a person’s ability in various areas. With Evalart you can measure a person’s aptitude in various aspects, such as verbal aptitude, numerical skills, analytical ability, intelligence, attention to details, data interpretation, among others.

Unlike knowledge tests, which are based on a person’s experience and level of study, aptitude tests measure the potential that the person has to perform successfully in a given area. For example, a developer should have analytical capabilities, while a Big Data expert should have data interpretation skills. Evalart online tests are an excellent pre-filter to avoid using interview time on candidates who do not have the required skills for the position, as well as identifying those who may have an excellent performance.