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Recruiting 5.0

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The hiring process for organizations has evolved and changed due to technological advances. Old recruitment methods are a thing of the past and have been replaced by new trends, heavily influenced by digital transformation, which is essential for the growth and success of any organization.

Recruitment consultants have also been affected by these changes and have had to adapt to the use of new digital tools and technologies for recruitment. This has led to a change in perspective and the need to demonstrate skills in increasingly in-demand digital areas.

This digitally-adapted hiring process is known as Recruiting 5.0. It is a revolution in attracting new talent to the company and is characterized by the use of new technologies, new trends, and new requirements from HR departments.

Currently, Recruiting 5.0 has become an essential tool for companies to select new employees. The most important trends in this type of recruitment are digital transformation and the need for companies to keep their employees happy and motivated.

In addition to the usefulness of social media, digital transformation has led to many online tools that allow companies to act as “explorers” when searching for candidates for different positions and contacting people who meet the desired profile for the position in question.

The second trend in Recruiting 5.0 is related to the need for companies to keep their employees happy in order to achieve high retention rates and avoid painful layoffs. Therefore, in addition to experience and higher education, Recruiting 5.0 places a lot of emphasis on the skills and abilities of employees to give them the opportunity to grow within the company in what they do best and what they like the most.

What is Recruiting 5.0?

Recruiting 5.0 can be defined as a recruitment process that adapts to the new trends of the digital age, including digital transformation and the desire of companies to keep their employees happy.

Although traditional methods of candidate selection, such as resumes, personal recommendations, interviews, and cognitive and group ability tests are still used, Recruiting 5.0 also uses new digital tools to search for and select people.

Since 2020, the digital transformation of human resources has accelerated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, making the use of technological tools to optimize the Recruiting 5.0 process even more common.

Benefits of Recruiting 5.0.

The advantages of Recruiting 5.0 include the ability to access a larger number of candidates through the use of technological tools, the optimization of financial resources, a wider reach in the target audience of candidates, a greater insight into skills and competencies, and the ease of implementing networking.

Additionally, other benefits of Recruiting 5.0 include the ability to save money because much of the process is done online, greater discretion and coverage in the hiring process as companies can expand their search globally thanks to the digital age, and the ability to better collaborate with candidates thanks to the use of digital tools.

The new trends in personnel selection.

Below are some of the modalities included in the 5.0 recruitment process:

  • Gamification: it is a tool that uses games or video games to increase productivity in a group of employees. This technique aims to replace traditional methods because role-playing games are effective in evaluating the “hidden” skills and abilities of employees.
  • Online networking: recruiters from various organizations are using networking to search for new talent, organizing virtual events such as coaching or motivation conferences, among others, to establish contact with potential candidates for future vacancies.
  • Inbound recruiting: this is another term that is gaining popularity in 5.0 Recruitment. It is an innovative system that combines typical digital marketing methods to find and hire the best professionals. According to several experts, it is the easiest way to capture, attract and hire talent. This creative approach can be divided into four phases: attract, convert, hire and fall in love.
  • Small data: another option in 5.0 Recruitment. It is a high-tech tool that uses an algorithm to find the best candidates for available positions, in addition to using the professional network itself.

Disadvantages of 5.0 recruitment

Although 5.0 Recruitment can be beneficial by using technological aids in the personnel selection process, it also has some drawbacks. Some disadvantages of 5.0 Recruitment may include:

Rejecting a potentially good candidate based on what they show on their social network, either because we don’t like them or because they conflict with our values.

Hiring the wrong business partners based solely on their good recommendations on social networks.

However, if attention is paid and the available tools are used correctly, 5.0 Recruitment can be a foolproof human resources tool for selecting the right talent for the company.

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