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Yes, this is possible by using the option to upload candidates via a CSV file. To upload candidates from a CSV file, you must:

  1. In the process settings, in the “Candidates” section, click on the option “Choose candidates”.
  2. When the box for selecting candidates appears, click on the “Upload CSV file” button.


To upload a CSV file, it must be separated by commas and have the following structure:

Column A -> Email, Column B -> First name, Column C -> Last name.


pedro@example, Pedro, Gomez

alfredo@mimail, Alfredo, Perez

3. Click on the “Upload” button, and select the file containing the candidates.
4. Make sure that all candidates are uploaded successfully.
5. Click on the “Select” button to save your changes.

The candidates will be available to add to your selection processes from the process settings, with the option to Choose Candidates.