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If you receive an invitation to answer a questionnaire or Evalart test you will receive a link to access the test. Depending on the type of test it could be that you must register before starting the test.

To do the test just follow the link received and follow the instructions presented. Read carefully the information shown during the test and in each of the questions.

If the test you are going to answer contains programming questions, it is advisable to read the section about programming questions.

Make sure you have enough time to answer the questionnaire if it has a time limit (The time limit is reported before the questionnaire begins). Once a questionnaire with a time limit is started, it is not possible to stop the chronometer, so you can not stop the test to continue later. The remaining time is shown at all times during the test, once the counter reaches zero, the test will finsih.

Once the questionnaire is started, you can navigate through the questions using the “Previous” and “Next” buttons or you can go to any question from the question index that appears when you click on the arrow pointing down to the right end of the top bar blue.

In case the window or tab of the browser where you are doing the test is closed by mistake, it is possible to resume the test by going back to the link that you originally received. Once a test is finished it is not possible to restart it.