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Programming questions require writing the code for a program that preforms the action that the question requires. The question will indicate the language in which the program should be written. In many cases, these types of questions contain additional help that can be viewed by clicking on the “i” button in the upper right corner.

All questions contain an IDE where the program will be written.


(1) Some questions contain one or more lines of predefined code to declare certain variables that should be used in the code that will be entered. Be careful not to modify the names of the variables in this section as this could mark the question as invalid. When the predefined code is modified, an indicator is activated reflecting this change.

(2) The refresh button restores the original value of the predefined code lines. This is important since you can modify the values ​​in the predefined code section to test other scenarios.

(3) Write the code in this box (Be careful not to write the code in the upper section of predefined code, as this will invalidate the answer).

(4) The RUN button will execute the entered code (The combination of the predefined code and the code entered by the user). Next to the execute button there are some indicators that will reflect the result of the execution.

(5) This indicator reflects if the code has already been executed and if it has any syntax errors.

(6) This indicator reflects if the code has already been executed and if it has been validated, that is, if it has delivered the expected results. It is important to emphasize that this validation only verifies that the result is the expected result for the default value.

(7) The output table shows the output of the execution or any error message obtained when executing.

(8) The text of the question always appears on the left in a blue background.