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In some cases, you may wish to cancel a test sent to a candidate, either because it is assumed that the candidate will no longer respond to it, it was sent in error, or it is no longer required to be answered. You can cancel any test that has not yet been answered by the candidate, i.e. it is in “created” status. When a test is canceled, the test consumed is returned to the recurrent or pay-as-you-go plan balance (except if the test corresponds to a monthly recurrent plan and it was applied in a previous period). To cancel a test you must:

  1. Go to the Reports menu => View Submitted Tests and find the test to be deleted.
  2. Click on the X icon to cancel it (this action cannot be undone). If applicable, once the test is canceled, the test is recovered to the balance. 

Note: The candidate who received the link will no longer be able to take the test if it is canceled. It is however possible to reset canceled tests in case you want the candidate to be able to take it again (in which case the charge will be re-applied to the plan since the charge was reversed when the test was previously canceled).