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With Evalart you can manage the selection process by monitoring the status and stage in which each candidate is in (applicant tracking).

The processes use the generic Evalart flow by default. To manage the status and phase of each candidate, enter the Selection Processes menu, and then select the Process Flow option. From here you can place the candidates in the phase in which they are by just dragging and dropping them.

It is also possible to change the candidate’s status by clicking on the status field (the field with underlined blue dots). Additionally, you can add or edit a rating with a range from one to five stars to add a note to your candidates.

If you wish, you can create your own flow, with the states and phases you need. To do so, enter Configuration, and then Process Flows, which will open the process flow configuration view. From here you can create a new flow or edit an existing one.

After creating a flow, you can drag and drop the phases you want to include (or create your own phases) and then add the states that the candidates may have within these phases (drag the states to the corresponding phase or create new states if it is necessary).

To assign a process flow to a process, you must select it when creating a new selection process or modify it by editing the process you want to configure with a different flow.