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16 Personality Factors

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Psychometric test that measures Cattell's 16 traits or factors and also includes a reliability indicator to detect cases in which the person tries to present himself or herself in a way that he or she considers better than he or she really is. Do not think too much about your answer, and answer as honestly as possible. There are no right or wrong answers. Try as much as possible to avoid intermediate answers such as "Fifty-fifty". You must answer all questions.
Sub Family
Time Limit
Evaluated Areas
(A) KindnessSizotimia/Afectotimia
(B) ReasoningLow/High intelligence
(C) Emotional StabilityLow ego strength/High ego strength
(E) DominanceSubmission/Dominance
(F) LivelinessDesurgency/Surgency
(G) Adherence to the RulesLow superego force/Much superego force
(H) Social BoldnessTrectia/Parmia
(I) SensitivityHarria/Premsia
(L) SkepticismAlaxia/Protension
(M) Tendency to dreamPraxernia/Autia
(N) SophisticationSimplicity/Cleverness
(O) InsecurityImperturbable Adequacy/Tendency to feel guilty
DM (Distortion)Social desirability
Q1 (Openness to Change)Conservatism/Radicalism
Q2 (Self-sufficiency)Joining the group/Self-sufficiency
Q3 (Discipline)Low integration/Much control of self-image
Q4 (Tension)Low energetic tension/Much energetic tension

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