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The following test is constructed to assess 23 traits that might be relevant for the prediction of job performance and overall person-job fit. It is based on the HEXACO model by Ashton and Lee but is adapted for use in candidates’ recruitment and selection. Once an examinee finishes the test, overall scores for each of the 23 traits will be shown. Scores for each trait should be compared to one another to determine which traits characterize the examinee the most.
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Evaluated Areas
CuriosityHigh scores indicate that the person has a strong tendency to seek information about natural and human world
DeliberatenessHigh-scorers have a strong tendency to deliberate carefully and to inhibit impulses
EnergyHigh-scorers are energized and enthusiastic
Fair dealingIndividuals with high scores have a strong tendency of avoiding fraud and corruption
FlexiblenessHigh scores indicate that the person is willing to compromise
ForgivingHigh-scorers are willing to feel trust and liking toward those who may have caused them harm
FrightIndividuals with high scores can easily get frightened
GenuinePeople who score high on this trait are genuine in interpersonal relations
Hard-workingHigh-scorers have a strong tendency to work hard.
InnovativeIndividuals with high scores on this trait have a strong preference for innovation and experiment
MildnessIndividuals with high scores are usually mild with the other people
ModestyHigh-scorers are modest and unassuming
NervousnessIndividuals with high scores have a tendency to worry about everything
Non-conformistPeople with high scores tend to accept unusual and unconventional ideas
PatiencePeople with high scores tend to remain calm in the situations that usually make people angry
PerfectionismPerfectionists tend to be thorough and concerned with details.
Reliance on othersHigh-scorers have a need for emotional support from others
SentimentalityPeople with high scores tend to have strong emotional bonds with others
SociabilityIndividuals with high scores have a tendency to enjoy conversation and social interaction
Social courageIndividuals with high scores feel comfortable in a variety of social situations
Social self-confidencePeople who score high on this trait are confident about themselves in social situations.
SystematizedIndividuals with high scores have a tendency to seek an order
UnselfishnessHigh-scorers are not interested in possessing signs of high social status

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