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Honesty, Ethics, and Values Test

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Honesty, Ethics, and Values Test. This test measures characteristics that correlate with the candidate's honesty, ethics, and values. It is important to note that the results of this test are not absolute and should be used as a reference to complement other methods such as interviews and personal references.
Sub Family
Honesty, Ethics and Values
Time Limit
Evaluated Areas
Adherence to the RulesThis dimension reflects how important it is for a person to follow the rules. Low scorers tend to view rules as mere suggestions, but consider that they can decide when to respect them and when not to. High scorers, on the other hand, consider the rules to always be followed and do not question them.
CollaborationThe Collaboration dimension measures a person's willingness and ability to help and collaborate with others. People with high scores feel good about supporting others and genuinely care about contributing to the success of others and the team.
Equity and JusticeThe Equity and Justice dimension indicates a person's propensity to act in an equitable and fair manner with others. Nevertheless, low scores reflect a greater risk that the person will act and treat people and situations differently according to convenience or prejudice.
HonestyThe honesty dimension reflects how much the person is inclined to act honestly and transparently. Low values do not necessarily mean that the person is dishonest, but they do reflect a greater likelihood that the person is dishonest compared to someone with a high score.
Honesty in AnsweringThe Honesty in Answering dimension measures the likelihood that the person has answered honestly. A low score reflects that the person may have tried to answer what they consider to be the expected or socially accepted response in an attempt to show themselves better than they are.
Interest in WorkThe Interest in Work dimension determines how important it is for a person to work and strive to achieve the objectives of the company, focusing on group goals rather than personal goals.
MoralityThe Morality dimension measures how strong a person's moral values are and the higher the score, the less likely the person is to go against their principles. On the other hand, people with low scores tend to be more manipulative or follow others because they do not have a strong moral framework to guide them or do not attach importance to their principles and can easily go against them.
Risky Behavior - AbusePeople with high scores on the Risky Behavior - Abuse dimension possess certain characteristics that make them more likely to abuse or manipulate to achieve their personal goals. They tend to be more impulsive and less controlled, which can lead them to take counterproductive actions or treat others on the team badly.
Risky Behavior - CarelessnessPeople with high scores on the Risky Behavior - Carelessness dimension may tend to be less careful on the job and have little concern for letting go of mistakes or for the quality of what they do. People with low scores often prefer to do things quickly rather than do them well.
Risky Behavior - DamagePeople with high scores on the Risky Behavior - Damage dimension tend to have behavior that can damage assets or the company's environment as they show little self-control and may react negatively to emotions such as anger or frustration.
Risky Behavior - TheftPeople with high scores on the Risky Behavior - Theft dimension have certain characteristics that correlate with a higher risk of committing on-the-job theft. A high score does not mean that a person will steal, only that they are more likely to do so than a person with a low score.
Self-centered InterestThe Self-centered Interest dimension measures how much the person is primarily concerned with their own interests. The higher the score, the greater the tendency to focus only on oneself, sometimes to the detriment of others.
TeamworkThe Teamwork dimension indicates how much a person likes to work in a team and aligns with the team's interests over their own. The higher the score, the greater the person's focus on achieving the team's goals by actively participating in it.

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