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Evalart allows its users to create roles, through which they can restrict the access of other users to entities. These entities can be tests, processes, result reports, etc. The restriction can be read-only, full access, or no access. For this, it is necessary to perform the series of steps described below:
1. Drop down the “user” menu, located on the top bar, and select the “manage user roles” option.
2. Click on the “new” button.
3. When the screen for creating a new role appears, add a description, select a language and save the changes.
4. After you save the new role, click the pencil icon and select the “access by user role” button.
5. Click on the “new” button and select the entity whose access you want to restrict and the access that users belonging to this role will have, which can be no access, read-only, or full access. Save the changes.
6. Go again to the “User” menu, this time clicking on the “manage users” option.
7. Once at the list of users, identify the user whose role you want to update and click the pencil icon.
8. In the “Access Restriction by Role” field, select the role you previously created and save the changes.