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Web monitoring helps reduce the risk of fraud during the assessment by taking photos at intervals which are then compared to the candidate’s registration photo. Using artificial intelligence, it is verified that it is always the same person takingthe test and that there is no other person helping.

The activation of the web monitoring is done from the process configuration screen. For this you must enable the following options (found within advanced options):

In Photo Required select Yes or Optional.
In Webcam Monitoring, select Yes or Optional.

If you indicate optional, the candidate can choose to do the test without monitoring, but if you enter Yes, the candidate will only be able to take the test if he or she has a webcam and enables it.

The artificial intelligence verification of the test is done within the hour once the test is finished. In case of finding something strange, you can verify the photos manually (in case the artificial intelligence does not detect anything strange, the photos are not displayed for review)