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Once inside the Evalart administration module, you can create a process by going to the “Processes” menu and selecting “New Process”. Enter a name for the process, such as “Junior Developer Alpha Project”, and a description. Click “Save” to create the process.

Once the selection process is created, you will be redirected to the selection process configuration view. The view has two sections: “Tests” and “Candidates”. In the “Tests” section, you can add the tests that you want to use to evaluate your candidates to the process.

In the “Candidates” section you can add candidates to the process. You can add candidates that you already have in your Evalart database or add new ones, either individually or by importing them from a file. To add candidates that you already have in your Evalart database, click on the “Choose Candidates” button. To add a new person, click on the “+” button. Enter the candidate’s information and the email address where the questionnaires will be sent.

To view or edit the email message, click on the envelope icon. You can customize the text as desired or use the templates directly using the “Replace with” option.

After all this, click “Save”. Clicking on “Preview” will show you an example of the mail the candidates will receive.

Finally, click “Send” to send the emails to the candidates.