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To see the questionnaires available in Evalart go to the menu “Questionnaires” and select “List of Questionnaires”. On the right hand side you will find a list of all of the available tests, organized in folders according to the type of test. You can browse each folder to see the tests that are included or you can filter the results to only see the questionnaires that interest you. For example, search for the “Programming” family to see questionnaires related to programming. Clicking on the test will display all the basic information on the left hand side: details about the test, the questions that it includes, the areas it evaluates, etc. You can click on the icon corresponding to the questionnaire builder to see all the information about the questionnaire (and also to modify the questionnaire if you have the rights to do so). Finally, if you want to see the questionnaire just as the candidate would see it, click on the eye icon to view the preview. The preview can be answered just as a candidate would and if you want to see the corresponding report at the end of the questionnaire you can click on “Finish but keep instance” at the end. The report will be visible in the list of reports.

If you want use a test from the catalog for your selection process, you can click the “Use Test” button. This allows you to quickly create a new selection process that will include the selected test. Alternatively, you can create new processes from the process menu and add the tests there.