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To create a new process, go to the main menu, next click on the “Process” menu, and then select “New Process”. Once you have done this, a form will open and you will need to enter some information:

Name of the Process: This is the name that you want to give to the process, such as “Senior Java Developer”. Note that this text will be visible to the candidates.

Description: This is a more detailed description of what is sought in the process. This information is not visible to the candidates.

Registration Type: This field determines how the candidates will access the process and the questionnaires it contains. There are two types:

By invitation; this does not require registration: When this option is selected only the candidates who are invited to the process can participate. You must enter the data of all the candidates to be included in the process (or choose from those that are already in the database). Each candidate will receive a personal link to access their questionnaires. This is the default option and the one that is most commonly used.

Without invitation, requires registration: The processes configured with this option do not require a list of candidates. For each questionnaire, a single link is generated which can be used by anyone. When the link is clicked on, it will ask the person to enter their information. This option is usually used if you want to make an open application where people can directly access the questionnaires. For example, you could place a notice on a job search page with the links to the questionnaires. Interested people could click on the link and take the tests. You will have access to the data of the people who registered, as well as the results of their evaluations.

Notes: Comments or notes that you want to add to the process (they are not visible to candidates)

Click save to finish.