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The selection processes in Evalart are managed using “Processes”. The first step is to create the process using the “New Process” in the “Process” menu. Once a process has been created, you can assign the questionnaires that you want to use in the process to it.

For example, for a process in which you are looking to hire a Java Developer who speaks English, you could use the “Java Developer” questionnaire and the English “Intermediate English” test. This is done from the process configuration module.

In this module you can also add the people who will be invited to the process (for processes with invitation) and obtain the link to access the questionnaires of the process (which can be automatically sent by email if desired).

As the candidates respond to the questionnaires, the status of the questionnaires and the detailed results reports become visible. You can also record in which phase of the process each candidate is and in which state, in order to have a clear vision of the candidates (For example, to know which candidates were pre-selected or discarded.).