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Evalart’s 360 assessments allow for evaluations where a person can be evaluated by their supervisor, peers, subordinates, third parties such as internal or external clients, and even be self-evaluated.

Evalart has ready-to-use 360 assessments (found in the catalog in the “Surveys” family, Performance Evaluation, and “360” subfamily). These tests can be used directly or also be cloned to generate a variant, adding or removing questions or areas to be evaluated. It is also possible for the user to create a complete 360 assessment from scratch, in the same way that other tests are created on the platform.

  • The first step to creating a 360 evaluation is to create a new process (from the Selection Processes menu => New Process). 

Note: In Evalart it is possible to perform two types of 360 evaluations; the first is 360 with general evaluators when the same people always evaluate all those being evaluated; and the most usual, which is 360 with personal evaluators, where it is necessary to specify for each person who will be their evaluators.

  • After filling in the general data of the process, you must select the 360 assessment to be used (with the test button in the process configuration view). The next step is to add the people to be assessed, which can be created manually, uploaded from a file, or chosen from the candidate database.
  • If the evaluation is type 360 with general evaluators, in the options menu next to the test, you will find the option to define the evaluators (which would apply to all the test takers). But, if the evaluation is type 360 with personal evaluators, you will have to define the evaluators for each assessee (through the options menu next to the candidate, choosing the option to configure evaluators).

Note: In both cases, the evaluators can be chosen from the candidate database list on the platform and must indicate the relationship to the assessee (e.g., if the assessee is the supervisor) and check the self-evaluation box if you want the assessee to self-evaluate.

  • With the invite candidates button, e-mails will be sent to the evaluated and the evaluators to answer the survey. Once all of a person’s evaluators respond, it will be possible to view the 360 evaluation results, which will show the scores by each evaluated area and by the type of evaluator (self-evaluated, supervisor, peer, subordinate, or other).

Note: From the point of view of the consumption of tests in the recurrent or pay-as-you-go plan, one test is deducted for each person evaluated with the 360 questionnaire (regardless of how many people evaluate it).