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The platform allows you to evaluate a candidate on the same computer where you work with Evalart as a recruiter. However, for security reasons, the platform will automatically disconnect them from the administration module when they do so. Do not try to open a test link directly if you are in the administration module as this is not allowed for security reasons. To run a test for a candidate on your computer you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the configuration of the process for which you want to perform the evaluation (go to the Selection Processes menu, select “Processes List” and click on the wrench corresponding to the corresponding process).
  2. In the list of candidates shown in the process configuration (on the right side) identify the candidate you want to evaluate and click on the menu next to the candidate.
  3. Choose the “Execute Tests” option.
  4. The tests listed are shown with a small button with the play symbol (triangle).
  5. Click there when the candidate is ready to give the test. This will disconnect the administrator user and run the test for the candidate.