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Sometimes the test invitation mail may not reach the candidate (either by mistake when entering the mail or by going to the spam folder or simply some other problem).

The first step if a candidate indicates that they did not receive the mail is to check that the mail address is spelled correctly and that the mail did not go to the spam folder (in which case the candidate should be asked to mark the mail as spam). To forward the mail with the links to the tests to a candidate, go to the process configuration (go to the “Selection Processes” menu, select “Process List” and click on the process wrench where the candidate is). At the bottom right, where the candidates are listed, select the option “View/Send Tests” where you can resend the invitation to the same registered mail of the candidate or to another mail by clicking on the resend button.  Alternatively, you can obtain from this same screen the links to the tests to resend them by other means. To do this, click on the clipboard icon and then paste it into the media where you want to copy it (such as your own mail system or some chat system).

If you are sending the mail to internal emails of your company and none arrives, consult with the mail administrator to ensure that emails sent from Evalart are accepted.