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Evalart users can add randomized questions to their tests by following the steps below:

1. In the test constructor, after adding all the desired questions, select the “tools” tab and click the “add random” button.
2. After clicking the “add random” button, two new elements will appear in color red, these elements will mark the beginning and the end of the group of questions from which the system will take the questions. You must drag and drop these elements into the “selected questions” field, as you would when adding a question to the test, in order to add the randomness tool to the test. Note: It is important that you place the elements at the beginning and at end of the question selection to which you want to add the randomness.
3. After adding the items to the question selection, specify the number of randomized questions you want to be shown on the test in the field that is set to 0 in the corresponding the “beginning” item. For example, if we have a selection of 10 questions and we want the system to choose only 5 of those questions at random, we would have to place 5 of 10.
4. Finally, save the changes by using the “save” button.

NOTE: These steps apply to both new and existing tests. However, if you want to add the randomness to an existing test in the catalog (that you did not create), you must clone it before performing the series of steps described.