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Score tables help us to better name and describe a candidate’s score on a test. The range and description will be shown in the results report along with the score obtained. In addition, it is also possible to create score tables that apply to categories and groups of categories.

To create your own score tables:

  1. On the main page of, in the “Settings” menu, select the option “Tests” followed by “Score table”.
  2. Click the “New” button to create a new score table, and fill in the necessary fields (name, description, etc.)

Save the changes by clicking the “Save” button. When you save the changes, the platform will automatically take you to the score range screen.

  1. Click the “New” button to create a range. The number of ranges to be created will depend on the number of skill levels you wish to add. When creating a range, you must indicate the initial score and the final score for the range. For example, if you have a 200-point test and you want to add 4 ranges (low, medium, high and very high), the first range (the lowest) would start at 0 and end at 50.
  2. After creating all the ranges, you can go to the test to which you will apply the table (in case you have already created it) and, in the field “score ranges”, select the table you have just created and save the changes.