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“Questionnaire” is the generic term used in Evalart to refer to a test or evaluation. Whether it is a psychometric test, an intelligence test, a programming test, or a knowledge evaluation, Evalart refers to any of these as “Questionnaire”.

A questionnaire consists of a set of questions that can be grouped into sections. The questions usually have an associated score which allows you to score the questionnaires. The meaning of a particular score can be defined by a set of scoring ranges. For example, a questionnaire that measures knowledge of business architecture could have 10 questions, each worth 2 points, producing a maximum score of 20 points. The set of ranges could indicate that a person who scores between 15 and 20 points has a deep knowledge of business architecture, while someone who scores between 10 and 15 points has average knowledge.
The questions can also be associated with a category (as well as the answer choices to a question). The categories allow you to identify different areas to be evaluated. For the previous example, one category could include questions related to “Business Architecture” and another “Applications and Data Architecture”, in order to identify independent scores by category to identify the level of knowledge or ability of a person in each of these areas. It is also possible to associate score ranges to the categories of a questionnaire, which is similar to the ranges that apply to the total score of the questionnaire.
Both the questionnaires and the questions are grouped into Families and Subfamilies. This has no effect on the evaluation, but does facilitates the organization of questionnaires and questions. For example, if you want to search for questionnaires related to intelligence you can search for that Family, and within this, a specific area, such as “Logical Reasoning”.

Evalart has a large library of questionnaires and questions. They can be used directly or modified according to the need. It is also possible for the user to create his own questions or questionnaires.
All the options related to the questionnaires can be found in the main menu, under the option “Questionnaires”.