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To see all the questionnaires available, click on “List Questionnaires” in the Questionnaires menu. The list shows all the questionnaires that the user has access to, including your account’s  questionnaires, as well as the official Evalart questionnaires. Depending on the privileges that the user has for each questionnaire, they may have the option to edit the questionnaire or in not, to just view it.

As with any list in Evalart, there are filters and search options that allow you to reduce the number of results produced. For example, you can view only the “Programming” Family questionnaires. The results can also be sorted by any column. Simply  click on the column that you want to order. One click will orders the column ascendingly, a second click will order it descendingly.

In the “Actions” column various icons are shown, along with the operations that the user can perform. They are listed below:

: Allows you to view the Questionnaire Instances of the Questionnaire. A questionnaire instance is a questionnaire assigned or answered by a particular person. You can imagine it as the test a teacher gives to his students. The Questionnaire would be the exam with all the questions which the teacher then prints and gives a copy to each student on the day of the exam. The instance of the questionnaire would be the exam that the teacher gives to each student, which contains (or will contain) the name and the answers of the particular student who received the exam. When listing the questionnaire instances, all the questionnaires assigned or answered by people will be displayed, allowing you to see the name of the person, their score, among other data.

: The magnifying glass allows you to see the details of the questionnaire, but without being able to edit it.

: The pencil allows you to edit the questionnaire (it only appears in registers that the user can edit). This option opens the header data editing view of the questionnaire. If you want to edit details such as the questions that compose the questionnaire, you must go to the questionnaire builder.

: The “X” allows you to delete the questionnaire. The deletion of the questionnaire may vary depending on whether the questionnaire already has instances and what their statuses are.

: This option directs you to the questionnaire builder. From here you can view (and edit if you have access) all the characteristics of the questionnaire, including the questions, sections, and score ranges that compose it.

: This option shows the versions of the same questionnaire. The versions allow you to edit questionnaires that are already in use or create minor variations without affecting the instances that have already been created.

: The eye icon directs you to the preview of the questionnaire. This preview allows you to run the questionnaire and see it just as a candidate would. This view is very useful in order to verify that the questionnaire works and looks as expected.