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Evalart has several controls to detect cases where a candidate might have cheated. When a test is flagged as possible cheating (a red triangle appears in the test listing) it means that Evalart has detected suspicious activity. This does not necessarily mean that the candidate cheated, but that there is an increased risk and, therefore, it is necessary to take this into account when determining whether to consider the test as valid.

To see the detail of what caused the alert,

  1. You must go to the detailed test report (by clicking on the magnifying glass in the list of submitted tests or on the score if viewing the tabular score report).
  2. Already in the detailed test report view, in the first section of the report, in case of a suspicious situation, a text indicating the fraud risk, the risk level, and a question mark will appear. Clicking on the question mark will display more information about what triggered the alert. For example, if a different person was detected taking the test in the web monitoring, you will see the suspicious photos. 
  3. In case of detecting similar code between two candidates in a programming test, both codes can be compared to decide if it is possible plagiarism.

As mentioned above, it is important to note that in no case does the alert indicate with 100% certainty that the candidate cheated, but a higher risk compared to a test that was not flagged.