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5 tips to get the best candidates on LinkedIn

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The most popular and used professional social network in the world is LinkedIn, with more than 350 million users of 200 nationalities. It is an invaluable tool for any recruiter and company wishing to get new talent. Besides, considering that more than 60% of users use it for job search (actively or passively), it is essential to know how to use it in the best way since the competition is quite extensive.

As in any recruitment process, the first thing that the Human Resources department has to do is to define the candidate selection criteria of the company, that is, the needs for the required position(s), such as level of education, experience, and soft and hard skills.

Once you have this in mind, we can give you five tips to improve and enhance your ability to get the best candidates for your business.

  1. Take care of the company’s brand and optimize the profile

The company’s website should reflect the company’s professionalism and values, be updated, and contain all relevant information. Share the company’s policies, talents are not only looking for a good salary but also for a good working environment. This way, you can develop your presence with relevant content, publishing not only job offers but also periodic content related to your business.

Often, people prefer to talk to a specific person and not to a company profile where you do not know who you are talking to, so optimize and tailor recruiter profiles to be an extension of the company profile. This way, contacts may feel closer and more approachable.

Some of the details to take care of in both the company profile and the recruiters’ profile are the profile picture, the initial banner, the description in the “about” tab, news, and useful information such as address or number of employees.           

  1. Post job vacancies in a targeted manner

Once you have the information from Human Resources regarding job offers and candidates to look for, publish it. Use all the channels that the platform offers you, no matter whether your profile is free or paid, you have several options at your fingertips; you can share popular posts and videos to give a more friendly image to the organization but make sure to keep them short and specific, tag people within your network to encourage them to share the information.

Always remember to include the offer information such as the title, job description, and the profile sought; the location, if it face-to-face, remote or mixed; the skills required, and the benefits offered as well as any other information you consider necessary.

  1. Use the right terms and keywords

You must use the right words that your potential candidates are looking for, which will help to be found more successfully and make it much easier for you to search for applicants actively as they will come to you.

The search bar helps you find content, people, companies, and jobs related to the keywords you enter; that is why it is so important to optimize it in the best way.

  1. Do not forget passive candidates

The fact that a person is not very active in this social network does not mean that they cannot be a suitable talent for your company if their profile fits what you are looking for. The best thing about LinkedIn is the possibility of having all these profiles at your fingertips. Actively search for diverse and specific profiles among future graduates or companies competing with yours; do not limit yourself, the best employees can be anywhere.

  1. Contact talents and candidates

Once you have selected your candidates, contact them. First, make sure you read their profile well, make sure it is what you are looking for, and then make that first contact. Be brief and intelligible, introduce yourself in a few sentences, talk about your company and explain your interest in their profile. Personalize your message; remember to include the candidate’s name to make it sound closer, more personal, and arouse their interest and attention.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is an excellent tool and a great talent pool. Remember that most of them are already working in a company. That is why a proactive strategy is necessary to have the effectiveness expected. Also, remember that the paid mode offers you many more options and possibilities; consider them and do not hesitate to resort to this if you need to explore more and different candidates.

Always remember that no matter how the candidate arrived, whether through the LinkedIn platform, Referral Program, Job Board, or the company’s website, always perform a complete selection process with the necessary tests such as those we have in Evalart. Also, add interviews and everything the business deems necessary to ensure hiring the talent that not only suits the position to be performed but also aligns with the company’s values.