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Why are online psychometric tests important?

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Nowadays, it is common to carry out online psychometric tests in various processes, especially in the selection and hiring of personnel to fill positions in companies or in talent development processes. These processes are essential for businesses, institutions, and other organizations that require the participation of active, professional, and experienced individuals, with other valuable characteristics for those entities. 

But what exactly are these psychometric tests? Before explaining why you should implement them in your hiring and personnel selection processes and why you should consider using our Evalart platform, it is important to define the concept in detail. 

What is the definition of an online psychometric testing platform? 

To define what an online psychometric testing platform is, we must first understand that these tests are applied to candidates in certain organizational situations to measure and analyze the most important aspects of a person, such as their personality, values, business skills, writing speed and accuracy, and their intelligence quotient. 

These tests aim to objectively measure people’s cognitive and emotional abilities, and their high reliability is due to the fact that the responses are voluntary and controlled by the candidate. Generally, they evaluate the maximum potential that an individual can demonstrate in a specific skill or characteristic. It is important to note that these tests alone do not provide information beyond a score and must be interpreted by professionals in psychology. 

In summary, an online psychometric testing platform is a tool that allows these tests to be applied virtually, offering an easy and fast way to evaluate candidates during the selection and hiring processes. 

Effectiveness criteria for psychometric tests. 

Professionals in psychology, business administration, and other fields design psychometric tests with a scientific approach to ensure their effectiveness during application. However, not all tests are considered effective and efficient without meeting a series of criteria, which are mentioned below: 

  • Standardization: refers to the uniformity of each procedure in terms of grading and application of tests, and also implies equal conditions for all interested parties in the evaluation, to achieve fair comparisons and rational decisions. 
  • Reliability: is the consistency of the results obtained by all people who perform a similar test, and the permanence of these results over time. 
  • Validity: is important to avoid subjective assessments or irrational impulses from affecting test results. Throughout the evaluation process, it is essential to maintain impartiality and objectivity, while any subjective assessment should be reserved for decision-making at the end of the process, without compromising its objectivity. 
  • Predictive capacity: this criterion allows determining optimal or negative predictions of performance. 
  • Quality: it is important that tests be designed according to quality standards, taking into account studies and research in the field and ongoing updates to improve them. 

These are the criteria that every psychometric testing program must meet, and that Evalart considers when designing its online tests to provide the best user experience and notable advantages for organizations. 

Psychometric tests are key for your recruitment process. 

 At Evalart we have 9 key psychometric tests for your recruitment process. Here we explain them to you: 

  • The DISC Test: It is the test that gives the most information about personality traits, giving an overview of skills and even those latent aptitudes that may not be as developed. DISC refers to Decision, Interaction, Serenity, and Compliance. 
  • Intelligence and Aptitude Tests: These are the set of tests that measure a person’s ability in specific areas. These tests are not based on knowledge, experience, or level of studies, but the potential of a candidate and are the most used in selection processes. They cover tests of General Intelligence, Verbal Aptitude, Analytical Ability, Numerical Aptitude, and Data Interpretation. 
  • Big Five: Or the five big factors is a test that was consolidated in the 90s, the factors that this test takes into account are, emotional stability versus neuroticism, extroversion versus introversion, openness to new experiences versus closure, friendliness versus antagonism and conscientiousness versus unscrupulousness. 
  • Leadership Tests: This is a very interesting topic, how to recognize a person who has the skills to be a good leader, focusing on personality traits, behavior, emotional intelligence, and assertiveness. 
  • Honesty and Ethics Tests: Also called integrity tests, are used to predict possible behaviors involving risk and inappropriate work behaviors, such as aggressiveness and theft, among other factors. 
  • Teamwork: Whether to define the possible role of a new member of a team or to measure their ability to perform remote work, so in demand and growing especially in recent years, it measures personality traits and key skills to guide in these aspects. 
  • Vocational Orientation: Based on Holland’s Theory, RIASEC. It evaluates Holland’s 6 dimensions to identify career areas compatible with the preferences of the person being evaluated, which are Realistic, Researcher, Artist, Social, Entrepreneurial and Conventional. 
  • Occupational RiskThese tests measure a person’s ability to quickly identify risk situations that can lead to accidents and the applicant’s ability to react in these situations. 
  • Personality Inventory: This is one of the most complete tests of a person’s personality. It is an inventory that evaluates 23 specific traits, grouped into 6 basic traits. The six traits are Humility and Sincerity, Extraversion, Emotion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Openness to Experience. 

 Why use Evalart in your recruitment processes? 

The Evalart platform is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing evaluators and candidates to access it online from anywhere with a stable internet connection. If you want to learn more about Evalart’s online psychometric tests, you can register on the website and get 10 free tests to use within a 1-month period. 

Candidates can also use the platform from any mobile device with internet access and a webcam. 

Evalart’s online psychometric tests focus on the Spanish-speaking population, but our platform and tests are also available in languages such as English and Portuguese. Additionally, you can download and interpret candidate information through a detailed report, which will help you identify the level of fit between the future collaborator and the evaluated position.