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Pre-recorded interviews allow the candidate to record the answers to questions in video format (up to 2 minutes per question). Video questions are created like any other question on the platform and can be added to any test. It is also possible to create a test consisting only of these questions for a complete interview of pre-recorded video questions.

Pre-recorded interviews allow you to get to know the candidate and capture not only what they say but also their expressions and attitudes. Additionally, this type of questioning is excellent for evaluating aspects, such as presentation skills and level of English (or other languages) for any position that benefits from expressing orally in an effective way. Another advantage of this format is that it is handled like a structured interview where candidates answer the same questions in the same order and under the same conditions, resulting in a fairer and more effective evaluation process.

To create a test of this type, use the option to create a new test and, with the “add questions” button, you can add the questions (making sure to select video questions as the question type). The question itself is a text question, with the answer being a video recorded by the user at the time of answering.

The video questions must be evaluated manually. To do this, the evaluator (or evaluators) must go to the list of tests once the candidate has finished the test, and, by using the pencil button, they must access the test edition, where they will be able to see the videos and place a score.

Note: For all purposes, tests containing pre-recorded video questions are counted as a test to be deducted from the active bag or plan.