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It is possible to create multiple users within an Evalart account. To create a new user, go to the User menu and choose the Manage Users option. From there, it is possible to create (and also modify or delete) users on the platform. You can define whether the user is an administrator or not (only administrators can create users, and some restrictions such as user groups do not apply to administrators). The creation of users is free of charge, and there are no limits to the number of users that can be created.

Note: By default, all users can view and edit all information related to the account (candidates, processes, customization, etc.). It is possible to apply restrictions using the User Group and/or User Roles functionality. 

With “User Groups” you can restrict the access to selection processes using previously created user groups. 

With “User Roles” you can restrict the access of other users to certain entities such as tests, processes, result reports, etc. This restriction can be read-only, full access, or no access.