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With Evalart, you can conduct remote structured interviews in which you provide candidates with a series of questions that they must answer. You can optionally define one or several evaluators so that each of them evaluates each question and obtains an average score for each one.

You can use the structured interviews from the catalog or create your own. Structured interviews are handled as another test, and you can create them as a test. Just keep in mind to use open-ended questions, such as text questions with multi-line text responses, and check the manual scoring option for each question.

Add the interview to your selection process in the same way as you do with a test. Optionally, you can define evaluators, in the process configuration view by going to the options menu next to the test, selecting “Configure Evaluators”, and choose the users you want to evaluate the test.

Once the candidate answers the interview, each evaluator can go to the reports menu to score it. The interview will appear as a test, indicating that it requires manual scoring. By using the pencil icon to open the interview, each evaluator will be able to score each question. The test will be in “completed” status when all questions have been scored (either by all evaluators or at least one, depending on what has been configured).

Note: Structured interviews, like a regular test, deduct one test from the plan.