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Evalart allows you to edit the score of any test answered by a candidate. This is useful if it is determined that the candidate should receive a different score than the one assigned by the system.

This can occur, for example, in programming tests if the candidate wrote a program that is generally OK but does not print the answer exactly as expected (different from what is asked for in the question), in which case the system will assign zero, but the evaluator may want to give a partial score. This option is also used for manually corrected questions.

To manually edit an answered test, click on the pencil icon in any results list (such as the answered test report). This will open a view of the test to be edited.

To change a score, select the question and then click on the pencil icon in the field labeled “Manual Score”. It is also possible to edit the description of the score and even, if desired, to modify a candidate’s written answer (for example, if you consider that they made a minimal error and want to verify this by directly correcting their answer). In these cases, the candidate’s original answer is saved and restored if necessary.