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You can add your company logo using the “account customization” option. There you can change the logo that appears in the administrator module menu, in the tests and in the reports, as well as other settings such as background and font colors. To do this, follow the steps described below:

  1. Expand the list of options for the “user” menu located in the main menu and select the “account customization” option.
    If you already have a record, click on the pencil button to the right of the record. If you do not already have a record, create one by clicking the “new” button in the upper right corner to create a new personalization profile.
  2. Go to the “logo” field, upload your company logo from the gallery or local files, adjust the position in the “logo position” field and, if desired, change the background color of the logo in the “proof: background color” field (this option will change only the background color of the header).
  3. Save your changes.

NOTE: To upload files from the Evalart gallery, they must be uploaded to the gallery before following the steps described below:

  1. In the main menu, expand the list of options for “configuration” and select “manage gallery”.
  2. Click on the “browse…” button to select an image from the local files.
  3. Locate the image file you wish to upload and select it.
  4. Click the “upload” button to finish uploading the image to the gallery.