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9 Benefits of working from home

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Many of us started working from home because of the pandemic, some even before, technology has allowed us to be more connected than ever, being able not only to send information but also to see, hear, and even have shared workspaces with our colleagues and collaborators, being in different parts of the city and even the world.

Working from home brings many benefits not only to the worker but also to the company that uses this method, whether it is mixed, mixing work in the office and at home, or remote. Even recruitment methods have become remote and with very good tools that we can make use of to streamline and make the process more efficient.

Many of us know the benefits of working from home, but for those who do not or who may not be so clear about them, here are 9 benefits of remote work, both for talent and for business.

Saving travel time

How many hours have we spent on endless commutes to and from our workplaces? Maybe we should not do the math or we would all start crying here and that is not the idea. This is definitely one of the top reasons workers decide to work remotely and from home.

Increased productivity

As a direct consequence of the above, by being able to take full advantage of rest time, efficiency during working hours and concentration capacity increase. 

Better work-life balance

There is greater flexibility in these modalities, which allows for more quality time with family, friends, and even with oneself, allowing for activities that were not possible before due to scheduling issues, as long as there is a good organization, of course.

More time for healthy habits and less chance of spreading disease

Well, this one does not need much explanation… Most of us started working this way for just this reason, during the pandemic.

Freedom to live where it suits you or where you want to live

By being able to work remotely, only needing your computer, your cell phone, and an internet connection as it is in most cases, this allows you to move your “Home Office” to wherever it suits you best, you could even travel while working.

Companies save money on facilities and office space

Probably the biggest benefit for businesses is as they can save a lot of money per year by not having to rent or buy office space, buy furniture and pay monthly for all the services that this implies.

Global recruiting

By not having to limit yourself to your geographic location, the talent pool increases globally, being able to hire workers in other cities and even other countries without major problems, thus increasing inclusiveness and diversity, which also increases the overall creative capacity of the work group as a diverse team.

Beneficial to the environment

There are several benefits for the environment if we stay at home, reducing vehicle emissions because there are not so many trips. Eating at home also reduces personal expenses as well as being much more environmentally friendly.

Higher job satisfaction

Studies show that the satisfaction of remote workers and even those who have the freedom to do it in a mixed way, are 22% happier than their counterparts who are not. According to studies from 2019, I would venture to say that this percentage has even risen in recent times. what do you think? 

So there are many benefits of working from home, for workers, for companies and even for the environment! If you have not tried it yet, it is definitely worth it, we recommend it.