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5 Recruiting Trends for the Second Half of 2022

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We know what the last couple of years have meant for everyone, how it has changed not only our way of seeing life and the way we relate but everything around us. These changes have not left out the work environment making giant leaps in digitization which, although not new, we had to start developing and using massively by the pandemic. These changes and advances are here to stay.

This second half of 2022 comes framed in a higher digital trend, focused on education, growth, health, and security. The five Recruiting Trends that are key to watch out for are:

Employer Branding

It is the value proposition that any company offers to its employees, both present and future; it is a strategic way of communicating who we are, what we want, and what we are willing to give to our talents as a brand. Employer branding is essential for any company that wants to grow because nowadays’ prospects know that a salary is not all they want but a quality of life. This way, candidates can learn a lot about a company even before their first day of work in it. 

Recruitment and Remote Work

During the pandemic, we learned that there are other ways of working that not only involve being physically present in an office for a defined number of hours. It also influenced the recruitment processes. It made processes more efficient and assertive in many cases. These changes help employers to save the money spent on unnecessary transfers and the time wasted in long waiting times for an interview, and also expanded the search area to a global scale where talents can be located in different cities and countries, which is no longer limiting to exercise. We have come a long way in a short time, and here are some tips for your remote recruitment that we are sure will help you along the way.

Training and Upskilling

New talents have a great capacity for adaptability; they are willing to invest in their personal and professional development. The companies that take into account the training and mentoring plans and that focus on developing and strengthening the skills of their employees will have this critical strategy that not only reinforces their employer branding but also saves them the high costs in the medium and long term.

Process Digitization

With the development of remote recruitment and the globalization of the scope of talent searches, it has become almost essential to digitizing the selection process to be efficient; as with so many candidates applying for a position nowadays, it is necessary. Evalart, with its continuously growing catalog of psychometrics, aptitude, language, and specialized tests such as IT, programming, and many more, understands this need and supports you in this process with everything you need.

Data Security

As everything is now online and remote, “is my data secure?” is one of the biggest questions that companies ask themselves. It is essential to establish security channels for sensitive information and establish, from the beginning, a clear security scheme with everyone involved.

The work environment has advanced by leaps and bounds in a short time, forcing us to adapt and grow in these new technologies. To develop and adopt them for our benefit and effectiveness, we just can not be left out, and the truth is, we do not want that either; these recruitment trends are a great addition not only for the company but for each of us who are involved.