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Pre-recorded Video Interviews

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Unlike the traditional interview that happens face to face and that is previously scheduled with the candidates, the pre-recorded video interviews are in person; on the contrary, they are applied remotely and include questions chosen by the recruiter depending on the stage of the selection process in which they are, the candidate answers the questions as they appear on the screen of the application that the recruiter has defined in advance, and the answers can be recorded so that the recruiter can review the video interview later. This way, for example, if they are in the initial part of the process, the questions will probably focus on the candidate’s data and general information.

Pre-recorded video interviews represent a form of interactive dialogue and, most importantly, can be conducted remotely from any location using a computer or mobile device with internet access, a camera, and a microphone.

Pre-recorded video interviews can be used at any stage of the recruitment process, and their importance lies in the different benefits they bring to the personnel selection process.

The recruiter or interviewer is the one who elaborates the questions, chooses the duration of the interview, the approach it will take, and the format. It is good to consider that this depends on the platform they have chosen for the pre-recorded video interview, as each service provider has different tools and functionalities.

  1. Private Video Interviews: This is the most usual case, and, in this type of video interview, the person who will answer the interview questions receives an invitation. Only people can answer the interview, and access is not public; it can only be possible by invitation.
  2. Public Video Interviews: This type of pre-recorded video interview is used in large recruitment campaigns and usually replaces job advertisements. Large companies generally post links to access the video from their home page or share them on their social media sites to invite candidates to apply and respond to the interview. In this case, anyone can access and answer the video interview.

Pre-recorded video interviews in the recruitment process

Recruitment and personnel selection processes in organizations have been changing and updating with the new alternatives provided by technology to facilitate and complement the process.

The use of pre-recorded video interviews in the personnel selection process has had a quick positioning because it allows knowing the candidate and notice specific characteristics that may be necessary for certain positions. Once the recruiter knows the candidate, subsequent interviews can be conducted to deepen certain personality traits or professional skills.

Although pre-recorded video interviews can be used at any time or any stage of the personnel selection process, most organizations report significant benefits when using them at the beginning of the process. It allows companies to get to know the candidate before moving forward with the process, and it sets an important guideline on how to continue if they need to apply tests or other interviews based on the first video interview.

These interviews require the previous work of the recruiter or interviewer to choose and prepare the questions and the approach they want to have during the interview with the candidate; this way, their strategy for the selection process may have the expected results with the final video of the interview.

Advantages or benefits of using pre-recorded video interviews:

Pre-recorded video interviews have several benefits for recruiters but also candidates and the organization in general. Since the beginning of its application, more and more companies and individuals are pointing out the benefits of using technology in tools such as this one to streamline processes and daily procedures, which, in turn, allows achieving better results in time and form.

The following is a list of the various benefits of using pre-recorded video interviews:

  •  It allows you to get to know the person before starting the process and complements what the CV shows.
  • Greater scope of results in the processes by interviewing several people simultaneously.
  • It reduces tedious administrative tasks and saves time for other activities in your work area.
  • It increases the confidence level of recruiters and minimizes intuitive bias.
  • The use of these technologies improves the company’s image in its processes.
  • It provides greater convenience for candidates as they can do it from home.
  • It allows you to evaluate the recording as many times as necessary, in case something is not clear, unlike the traditional face-to-face interview in which the recruiter has to remember the details.

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