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How important is the search for candidates?

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The current talent market is highly competitive, and while, for some positions, there may be many qualified people to fill them, for others, it is more complicated to find the right prospect. It is in these moments when having a good candidate search strategy becomes really important; being proactive and not just waiting for those talents to knock on your door but having a plan to go out and look for them efficiently and successfully becomes essential.

What does the candidate search consist of and why is it necessary?

It is an active process of researching, identifying, and connecting with talents to convert them into applicants and, ultimately, into hires.

It is finding those people with the talent, experience, and knowledge, among other factors such as soft skills, that align with the positions you are looking for in the company.  If done adequately, it will ensure that you always have an adequate pool of candidates with whom you can conduct the necessary selection process and tests that lead to hiring the right person.

Talent identification is essential for the recruitment process; this search can be done in databases, social media, universities, or study centers, and references of people related to the company, apart from those candidates that may arrive through the publication of a conventional job offer.

This active search makes it possible to identify the best candidates to fill a position, even those who are not actively looking for a job at a given moment. According to statistics, only 10% of the people who are contacted by recruiters refuse to consider a new job opportunity from the very beginning. 

Candidate search process

It is an active process in which a plan is established and followed to obtain the best results most efficiently. 

Create your ideal candidate

As in any recruitment process, the first thing to be clear about is what you are looking for, what studies, experience, skills, and general profile is needed. 

Use different media and communication tools

The goal is to find not only active but also passive candidates, attract them and keep them. Channels and tools such as LinkedIn, social networks, email, and contact lists are essential.

Promote a referral program

The best promoters of your company are your current employees, they are the ones who know the work environment best, and you can take advantage of their network by supporting and promoting a referral program.

Provide a good experience for the candidate

From the first interaction the candidate has with the company, it is essential to maintain a good impression and avoid anything that may cause them to lose interest. Remember that not only is the candidate going through a selection process, but they are also deciding whether they want to belong to your company.

Focus on building long-term relationships

Any successful strategy must include good long-term relationships. Establishing connections with people is always beneficial for everyone involved.

Establishing and maintaining a proper candidate search system can go a long way in improving the quality of the talent hired, reducing the time and costs of the recruiting process, and generally building a stronger, more recognizable, and respected brand. It is a system that requires effort and resources but will be well-rewarded in the short, medium, and long term.