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Zavic test

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The Zavic Test is a psychometric test. These types of tests are relevant and increasingly popular.

Two conditions are necessary for a test to be considered psychometric. It must have scientific validation in addition to offering reliable and generalizable results. The other formality refers to the analysis of the results, which must be performed, evaluated, and interpreted by qualified personnel.

In this article, we will specifically address the Zavic test.

What is the Zavic test?

The Zavic test is a psychometric instrument that focuses on determining, evaluating, and valuing the interests and values ​​of an individual. Its purpose is to know the thought, relationships, and reactions of the individual to different situations in the workplace.

The Zavic test is made up of a set of 20 questions, its duration is 20 minutes, and it is oriented to any level of hierarchy.

Its application can be collectively or individually to people with academic training from elementary school to university.

Importance and description

The Zavic test, through its questions, describes the values ​​and interests of the workplace. In addition, it allows defining the values ​​and interests that must be expressed at work.

The Zavic test’s most common use is for recruiting and selecting personnel depending on interests and values. 

To improve the understanding and management of human talent, company management must develop a vision of the personal motivations that define their “professional interests” and link them to their manual and organizational culture.

It is generally accepted that human motivations shape interests and concerns, as well as career paths. Hence the importance and relevance of the Zavic test.

The proper application of this psychometric instrument allows establishing the employee’s profile, how their performance will be in the contracting organization, and how to perform their work properly.

Influencing factors in the Zavic test

There are four determining elements in motivation:

Morality (related to good conduct and solid morality to follow the rules established by the family, society, or company; to do well).

Legality (associated with the will to be honest).

Indifference (longing not to comply, wishes to ignore).

Corruption (related to the taste for bribery, seduction, causing problems, and not defending moral values).

Personal interests

Among personal interests, the following stand out:

Economic (associated with the desire for wealth and material things)

Political (strong orientation and desire for power)

Social (value and interest in others)

Religious (compliance with the rules and respect for authority)

Evaluation and Interpretation of results

The results of the test allow us to determine the factors of the position (values ​​and interests) and can then be extrapolated to the organization.

From the results, it is possible to know the individual’s thinking, relationship, and reaction to different situations in the workplace.

Validity and accuracy

The term validity applied to a psychometric test is related to the degree to which the question test measures what it purports to measure. The validity of this type of test is the extent to which the inferences, decisions, and conclusions made based on the test scores or results are appropriate and meaningful.

On the other hand, when we talk about the accuracy of the test, we mean reliable and consistent results. That is the consistency in the repetition of identical results, under the same circumstances, and with the same individual. Accuracy is a vital component in a psychological test.

The validity and accuracy of the Zavic test are generally accepted by specialists when it is applied correctly and with qualified personnel. Backed by scientific validation and the reliability of its results, the Zavic test is used by many human resource organizations worldwide.

However, some critics of the test express that a genuine profile of an individual’s values ​​is not achievable and that, when executing the test, they will perceive that the questions focus on various situations, ranging from a work decision to a question of more interest in social or personal aspects.

In this sense, they recommend to those in charge of the selection that the test should be complemented and reinforced with an interview structured enough to guarantee the results.

Areas of use

The Zavic test is frequently used in ​​Human Talent Management, especially in the recruitment process and personnel selection. The reason is that this test allows determining points vital in the conduct of candidates for office.

This quality of being able to get to know the applicants better helps us to know if they are completely aligned with the organizational culture and the company’s philosophy.

At the level of Human Talent Development Management, the test allows to determine:

Honesty. Through the interpretation of the value that the candidate gives to behaviors related to morality and corruption. It allows early detection of individuals with dishonest inclinations.

What motivates the person the most. According to the vacancy, high specific motivations are required towards some interests. 

Improvement of security and organizational climate. By incorporating applicants into the organization who coincide and share the company’s interests and values, the organizational climate improves.

Performance improvement. Since the test allows us to identify what motivates the worker, it is possible to improve, through specific motivating factors, his productivity gradually.

We can conclude by saying that the Zavic test focuses mainly on determining and valuing the interests and values ​​of an individual. 

The test is supported by scientific validation; Its results are reliable and generalizable. The validity and accuracy of the test are generally accepted, although some specialists believe that a genuine profile of an individual’s values ​​is not achievable.

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