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¿how to improve talent acquisition with the help of technology?

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In a highly competitive market, the attraction of talent has become increasingly important, turning into a competition to attract the best candidates to fill open positions. The old reactive approach to job seeking is being abandoned in favor of a scenario that requires companies to be highly proactive in hiring talent.

Technology is improving talent acquisition within organizations. Its main goal is to attract the right profiles that will:

  • Contribute to the company.
  • Promote its growth.
  • Motivate employees to prevent turnover. To understand this, we must examine the changes that are emerging in the technology field in this area, in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Proper use of technology can help to:

  • Improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Obtain more positive results.
  • Adopt a humanistic approach that takes into account the needs of employees. Technology is an indispensable tool for conducting talent acquisition and attraction tasks. It provides value and drives growth within the organization.

Important technological factors in talent attraction:

  • Social networks: they allow us to easily announce the company’s vacancies. In terms of specific social networks, we have LinkedIn. Its goal is to find candidates more efficiently and precisely. This platform allows those candidates who are unaware of the vacancy posting to access it through this professional network.
  • Network management packages: these are more advanced tools that help to post a vacancy on several networks at the same time. Profiles and posts can be created for a single vacancy on hundreds of networks.
  • Big data: the ability to process information has increased exponentially, and data analysis helps us to have a greater precision about what strategies are most appropriate to attract a particular profile and what sources are most effective in finding the desired candidates.

How technology helps in the acquisition of collaborators.

Hiring is a crucial aspect in any company. Technology can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the hiring process. Here are five ways in which technology can help you find and hire collaborators:

  1. Talent Search: There are available technologies that can easily be integrated into the hiring process. This allows the company to hire many valuable employees more quickly. There are application tracking systems that can be used to manage all job applications and sort candidates in the desired order. These systems make reviewing resumes, evaluating competency and more easy. Additionally, they are effective when it comes to transferring candidates’ resumes from one application to another.
  2. Improves Efficiency: Increasing efficiency in all areas of the company leads to economic growth. Technology enables automation that reduces the time required to complete tasks and improves the company’s ability to collect and manage information. Manually organizing details about candidates can be a tedious process and requires a lot of time. Technology eliminates these problems for the company.
  3. Online Skills Tests: Technology has made it possible for companies to evaluate job applicants’ skills and qualifications more conveniently.
    Evalart plays a very important role in recruitment processes and especially for online skills tests, with psychometric tests, intelligence tests, reasoning tests, and others available in our test library.
  4. The company adopts a strategic approach: The process of hiring employees requires careful planning, and technology can help in this regard. By using integrated technological tools, the company can adopt a more strategic approach in its planning. Technology also allows measuring various important indicators in the hiring process, saving time and money in the recruitment and selection process. Message capture can also be carried out with technology, simplifying the visa application process and presentation of necessary documents.
  5. Video Interviews to save time: Video interviews are an effective alternative to traditional interviews and reduce the need for phone or in-person interviews. The human resources department no longer has to schedule several meetings with candidates. Pre-recorded questions can be sent to different evaluators, which means the interview can be conducted even if the recruiter is not present. Candidates also have the option of attending the video interview at their convenience.

How to improve talent acquisition.

  • Promoting employer branding is a technique where the opinions and recommendations of employees are used as a means to attract new talent to the company. These recommendations are spread through digital networks and have great credibility among third parties. Employees speak positively about their experience in the company, what the organization does for them, and how it has improved their professional career. We invite you to read the following article: “How to develop an employer branding strategy?
  • In addition to attracting talent, it is also important to retain it. Once a talented candidate is hired, the company must provide reasons for them not to want to leave the company and continue their professional career there. To achieve this, it is necessary to offer a balanced reconciliation between work and family life, create a good work environment, have effective leaders, and offer fair rewards, both economic and emotional. This is where the importance of work recognition comes in.
  • As mentioned earlier, current candidates have more needs and require professional challenges. A job that does not satisfy their needs will gradually make them lose interest and seek other options. In addition, it is also increasingly common for candidates to be demanding with corporate values and positively corporate values that do not cling to outdated policies and allow employees to grow and develop professionally within the company.
  • It is important for Human Resources departments to have a recruitment software to attract talent on the same channels that candidates use to search for work. This resource facilitates the work of recruiters and allows the combination of different candidate evaluation techniques, such as key questions in the review of resumes.

The talent acquisition processes are changing and require recruiters to stay updated and understand that candidates have new expectations. Companies must attract talent to maintain their competitive advantage over the competition.

In summary, technology in the search for collaborators helps to facilitate the selection process in human resources and shorten recruitment times. It also helps to find the best profiles for each position, reducing the chances of error and improving online hiring, both for working on-site, remotely or from home.

As you can see, technology is essential nowadays to overcome obstacles and enhance our capabilities rather than replace them.