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The 4 Essential Intelligence and Aptitude Tests

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Intelligence is a subject that has fascinated experts for many years. How to measure it, to know who is intelligent and who is not, has aroused the interest of psychologists who have created different tests to measure the various factors and traits we understand as intelligence.

But let’s start by defining Intelligence; it refers to a person’s ability to choose the best option at a given time, according to the situation that arises. An intelligent person can use their knowledge assertively at the right time, either to solve a problem, analyze, reflect or make a decision.

In Evalart, we have a dozen of Intelligence and Aptitude tests that can help you measure and understand the intelligence of the candidates you need to evaluate for your company. Within these, we have selected the four essential intelligence and aptitude tests that you should take into account in your selection process:

Intelligence Test (IQ)

It is the most comprehensive test, providing a complete picture of the candidate’s intelligence. It evaluates in detail the Logical Reasoning, Verbal Aptitude, Numerical Aptitude, and Spatial Intelligence of each participant.

Science Proficiency Test (STEM)

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, these are the fields covered by this test, reflecting the level of interest and knowledge in these fields.

Verbal and Numerical Aptitude Test

It is responsible for measuring the numerical and verbal aptitude of a person. In terms of numerical aptitude, it measures the candidate’s ability to solve arithmetic operations, to know how to calculate adequately, and to respond to the series presented to them by keeping the appropriate correspondence. In terms of verbal aptitude, it measures the candidate’s fluency in speaking and expressing themselves, their use of spelling and vocabulary.

Logical Reasoning Test

It evaluates the participant’s ability to adequately analyze a situation to solve a task or problem properly. It is ideal for those who need to solve problems and focus on details in their jobs.

As we can see, there is a specific intelligence test for each aspect; selecting the right one at the time of the candidate selection process is paramount to succeed in this path.