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Why hire students with no work experience?

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The current talent market is highly competitive. While there may be many qualified people for some positions, it can be more difficult to find the right candidate for others. This is where the importance of a good candidate search comes in.

Finding people with the talent, experience, and knowledge, among other factors such as soft skills, that align with the positions being sought in the company. If this is done properly, it ensures that there will always be a suitable pool of candidates to go through the necessary selection process and tests that lead to the hiring of the right person.

Employers are known to place heavy emphasis on experience when searching for new employees. They want to ensure that the candidate has the necessary skills to perform their tasks. Additionally, an experienced employee can improve the company’s image and identity. However, this focus on experience can be detrimental to young people without experience or recent graduates looking for an opportunity. If you are a recruiter and have doubts about hiring someone without experience, here are important reasons that could change your perspective.

  • They are eager to work and acquire knowledge.

Young people without experience tend to show a greater enthusiasm in their jobs. Their motivation is a key factor in their good performance in many of their tasks. Although they may make more mistakes, they also have a great willingness to learn, which in a short time becomes a great advantage for the dynamism of their department.

  • Despite lacking experience, they are highly committed.

One of the greatest strengths of young people without experience is their way of thinking and decision-making. They are not deterred by obstacles in their mission to work. They are highly committed to their superiors and the company, and see this as their first professional challenge and opportunity.

  • They have a highly adaptable and flexible mindset.

Their attitude is very positive and they are open to receiving feedback on their work. They rarely take workplace criticisms personally and are willing to accept them. They are willing to perform tasks that a worker with experience may reject for different reasons. Young people want to be valued and considered in the workplace.

  • They do not have negative habits due to their lack of experience.

One of the biggest challenges in hiring young people without experience is precisely that, the lack of experience. They have not yet adopted bad practices, nor have they been influenced by situations that may affect their work. This includes not only their performance in tasks, but also their way of thinking, their ability to work as a team, and their work personality.

  • They bring innovative solutions that improve existing processes.

Despite what you may think, young people often have a positive attitude and are willing to contribute. Although their opinions may not be accurate at first, over time and as they become familiar with the company’s work process, they will bring innovative ideas.

In addition to all these factors, the company can foster the workplace motivation of experienced employees and also provide new colleagues with a positive outlook that makes them feel grateful and willing to give their best to meet expectations.

  • Innovation ability.

Young people have acquired valuable skills through their online consumption practices, such as the use of social networks, video games, virtual reality, and streaming platforms. These digital behaviors have given them a great capacity for innovation, freshness in their ideas, and proficiency in creating audiovisual content. Hiring young people without work experience but with these skills can be highly advantageous for companies in terms of creating new methodologies, services, and products.

  • Desire to establish human connections.

Although some young people may have insecurities about their soft skills and experience anxiety, they are always willing to communicate in person and eager to get to know their teams face-to-face. By fostering leadership and identifying high-potential growth prospects.

Recommendations for recruiters and employers when hiring young people.

Choosing among inexperienced young people seeking to develop themselves is a challenge, so we provide the following tips to keep in mind for the recruitment and selection processes.

  • Use game-based tests for evaluation.

Artificial Intelligence allows inexperienced young people to demonstrate their potential. Game-based evaluations are an effective way to measure cognitive skills and emotional-behavioral traits of the candidates. These games, based on neuroscience and behavioral sciences, process the collected data to provide immediate information about the applicants.

Competency-based selection is an advanced process aimed at finding personnel for key positions, based on specific professional skills. There are certain positions that, due to their characteristics, responsibilities, and added value, require professionals with certain qualities. A traditional selection may not be sufficient in these cases.

  • Adopt a technological perspective.

If you want to hire young people, integrate technology into the entire process, from the search to their daily work. They are part of the centennial generation and they like technological environments.

  • Promote a sense of belonging in the workplace.

If you are looking to hire young people for a remote work team, it is important to promote their sense of belonging. Since it can be difficult to feel part of a group when you are working in isolation without the possibility of sharing experiences with your colleagues in person, it is crucial that the team leader let the new talent know that they can count on the support and communication of the leaders and team members.

  • Guiding them in their first Job.

In summary, introducing the team through a video conference, providing them with the opportunity to ask questions and giving them initial responsibilities is important for their integration into the team and for their learning. Guidance is key to the success of a new employee, especially in a remote work environment, where it is necessary to ensure that the proper resources are provided to maintain effective communication.

To conclude, students should not be dismissed due to lack of experience. Today’s youth are capable of multitasking, learn quickly and have a good understanding of technology.