Multiple Evaluators

You can define multiple evaluators for prerecorded video interviews for a more comprehensive evaluation. By having the same questions and the same evaluators for candidates, you achieve a fairer and... Read more

Complement with Tests

Evalart is a complete evaluation solution. Video interviews are an excellent complement to Evalart's online tests. Use Evalart Aptitude, Ability and Knowledge tests as a first filter and then the... Read more

Save Time

Coordinating meetings with candidates, finding common times, setting aside times for interviews are all time-consuming activities. With pre-recorded video interviews you can quickly send a set of... Read more

Follow-up And Records

At any time you can view the status of all your evaluation processes. How many people have responded, who has the best score... all the information you need is only a click away. The information is... Read more

Assess What You Want

Evaluate the characteristics required for the position using the questionnaire libraries or by creating your own assessments: Intelligence, verbal aptitude, knowledge, programming skills ... whatever... Read more

Save Time

With Evalart, you can optimize your selection process and save the interviewer's valuable time. You can discard up to 80% of applicants and focus only on the most promising ones. In addition, the... Read more

Find The Best

Evalart's on-line evaluations can pre-filter candidates, identify the best candidates, and significantly reduce the number of candidates who require an interview (online assessments allow you to... Read more