Multiple Evaluators

You can define multiple evaluators for prerecorded video interviews for a more comprehensive evaluation. By having the same questions and the same evaluators for candidates, you achieve a fairer and... Read more

Complement with Tests

Evalart is a complete evaluation solution. Video interviews are an excellent complement to Evalart's online tests. Use Evalart Aptitude, Ability and Knowledge tests as a first filter and then the... Read more

Save Time

Coordinating meetings with candidates, finding common times, setting aside times for interviews are all time-consuming activities. With pre-recorded video interviews you can quickly send a set of... Read more

Import/Export Data

Evalart allows you to export your data (Tests, Questions) anytime. You can also import your own data in bulk into Evalart, like candidates or questions for your own... Read more


Evalart provides an API that allows you to connect your applications with Evalart to take tests, retrieve results and more. API documentation, online support and a testing environment are available... Read more

Online Proctoring

Evalart allows you to optionally monitor candidates through their webcam. State or the art Artificial Intelligence analyses the pictures and warns you of any suspicious activity, like a different... Read more

Detailed Reports

Each Evalart test, both psychometric and other types of tests, generate detailed reports that allow you to evaluate and pre-filter the candidates for your selection processes. These reports are... Read more


Evalart is highly customizable. Questionnaires, emails, questions, reports ... all of these have multiple options and parameters that allow them to be customized according to the user's... Read more


The admin user interface, as well as the questionnaire interface used by candidates, supports multiple languages (currently English and Spanish). Questionnaires and questions can also be found in... Read more


Evalart has a sophisticated fraud detection system that can identify if the candidate has committed any kind of illegal action during the... Read more